About me

I am an Eco-Chaplain and Interfaith Minister with a master’s degree in theology and the arts. My passion for cultivating an intimate relationship with wild land and its residents comes from a lifetime of immersion in the natural world as a Master Wildlife Steward, storyteller, naturalist, artist, animal tracker, and mindfulness practitioner. Cultivating a relationship with the wild has felt essential to my well-being and has enriched my relationship with Mystery and myself as well as expanded my understanding of my humanity.

Story and Myth

Immersed in the natural world, profound encounters with wildlife, Mystery, and the land have become sacred stories about which I write and tell. Some form a myth that roots me in meaning, connection with the ancestors, and the multi-layered reality of being human.

Mindful Communion with Nature

The practice of paying attention to the detail and patterns of realities in the natural world brings me into an embodied state of being where my senses are heightened, and I feel my interconnectedness with everything. My relationship with the natural world has compelled me to encourage protection and restoration of wildlife habitat at home, in our backyards, and in the public sphere. The presence of the wild is critical to our humanity and happiness.


Creativity is a magical way I develop intimacy with a place through land art and photography. Art stimulates my imagination and is a wonderful process for coming into relationship with myself, Mystery, and a wild place.