". . . Inspiring . . . Motivating . . . Compassionate. . ."

What do students say about Rev. Cynthia Westby?

"I have been practicing meditation and mindful living for over 30 years. As a student, Cynthia's classes have helped me strengthen and renew my practice. She creates a mindful learning experience with kindness, knowledge, and a palpable presence that embodies her commitment to a life steeped in mindfulness. She inspires students with her compassionate, experiential and user-friendly guidance. She responds to students' questions and comments with a generous heart and clear mind. I first met Cynthia in my role as Evergreen Hospital's Health Education Coordinator for Integrative Medicine. My experience as a student in her classes confirms that I made the right choice when I hired Cynthia to teach mindful wellness and mindful living programs for the Evergreen Hospital community. As a colleague, Cynthia is professional, collaborative, responsible and a pleasure to work with."  Anna Satenstein, MA-LMFT, Health Education Coordinator for Integrative Medicine at Evergreen Hospital

"The first time I meditated with Cynthia my tremor was greatly reduced for several minutes. I wish I could say Mindfulness training has cured my Parkinson's disease. Of course it hasn't, but I can say it continues to help keep my mind off the tremor, the most troublesome feature of my illness. I have taken four one-on-one lessons with Cynthia, and especially during these sessions with her presence, the tremor and more generally my state of mind have been significantly improved. I continue to meditate regularly on my own, and I am looking forward to more lessons with Cynthia."  Mark Dubach, Ph.D., retired, medical research

"I did not have meditation experience prior to taking this course, and was a little anxious about trying it. Cynthia put me at ease right away. She talked about self-care at the start of class; and throughout the course, she reiterated several phrases that nourished an environment of safety: accept and allow, there truly is no right or wrong way (or right or wrong thought), and be kind to yourself. In the first class I had an experience of being not just connected to my core self, but being in my core self. The feelings of calm, security and confidence were profound. ... Cynthia demonstrates such kindness and respect. Her explanations of the exercise before we began it were great for me. And she also did a nice job of progressing the course through a series of senses and experiences - building upon the prior class(es) work. ... Participating in this class has set me on course to live my life mindfully, and be genuine and thoughtful in my interactions with people."  K. Dupuis, web site manager

"Cynthia is inspiring, creative, gentle. She brings a variety of tools to the table. She is lighthearted in the best way possible. My intention was to celebrate my creativity [and] indeed my intention was met. The info and ideas she shares are applicable to all aspects of life, and it feels good to find new pathways to a juicier life."  Lisa Halpern, writer, director, producer

"Cynthia perfectly exemplifies the practices she teaches, modeling receptivity, being present, etc. Her humor is great too! Her own quality of mindfulness and attentiveness stand out! Cynthia is kind, nurturing, creates a non-threatening environment and offers wonderful approaches and strategies to explore and build on."  Stephanie Kallos, writer

"Cynthia is knowledgeable, open and flexible. This class was surprising and helpful on professional/personal/emotional and physical levels. Cynthia offered a variety of exercises that could speak to a diversity of personal styles."  Erica Bauermeister, author

"Cynthia is a very thoughtful, empathetic, and patient teacher. She explains the concepts presented in a very clear manner, making the information accessible. Because of the class, I feel more in my body, less in my mind and am more quickly able to recognize when I am in my mind and bring myself back to the present - at least for a moment! Cynthia created a 'safe space' in which I felt comfortable expressing myself and asking questions, so that I could understand the information presented more deeply. She always had a clear agenda; each session was very organized and thoughtful. I also liked how many approaches to mindfulness practice were presented. This helped make mindfulness more accessible and practical to me."  Michele W., nurse practitioner

"Cynthia possesses both passion and knowledge. She is always prepared and it's obvious that she cares about her students. My intention was to rediscover my concentration, my ability to focus on the task at hand. I've achieved that piece and do notice more quickly when my mind wanders. I'd also wanted to sleep better and learn to quiet my mind in preparation for sleep, (which I now can). Cynthia makes her answers personal and powerful and shows she cares about each student as an individual."  Eric W., software developer

"Cynthia is very kind and non-judgmental. I have faith in the practices and in her. Cynthia kept me motivated ... and attentive with her hands-on approach as we moved from exercise to discussion and then on to something else. I always left the class feeling better than when I arrived."  Brad P., musician

"Cynthia's teaching is clear and concise, and she covers an amazing breadth and depth of material in a short amount of time. This work has helped me greatly in finding solidly useful ways to clear my mind and to center."   Dian C., mosaicist

"Cynthia offers an array of tools and methods, using all senses, to help us reach a deep meditative state and heighten all senses and receptivity."   Gloria Attoun, song writer

"Cynthia really understands creativity and the ways we obstruct ourselves. Her class delivers solid techniques that are effective. Good imagery, directness, and a wonderful balance of active and reflective exercises and exchanges."   R. S. Coburn, novelist.