About me:

I am an Interfaith Minister with a master's degree in theology and the arts, and a narrative and mindfulness coach. I have passion and life-long experience as a storyteller, artist, naturalist, and animal tracker. I have been a mindfulness practitioner and teacher for many decades.

We weave:

Myth is the touchstone for your spirituality. It reminds you in story and metaphor of what matters and is the compass bearing of your soul’s reason to live, your preferred life.

Spirituality is your relationship with mystery and the sacred. It includes your answers to questions of ultimate concerns like why we are here, the meaning of life, who you are, and your concept of mystery or the holy.

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of things as they are, here and now. Communion with nature brings you into relationship with your home in the natural world. Immersion in your body-mind brings you into relationship with the wise presence within and the home of your body.

Art engages you in relationship to nature, others, you, and mystery. Creativity opens you to unexpected and often profound insights that add new dimension to your self-awareness, myth, and spirituality.