About Reverend Cynthia

Interfaith Minister

I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, with seminary degrees from United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities and the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley. Choosing spiritual practices and paths we feel drawn to, we embark on our own spiritual journey, tap into our own mystical heart, and ground in what exists beyond time, circumstances and our own lives.


I am an ordained Eco-Chaplain, animal tracker, and naturalist. Our natural world is under threat of destruction. If this happens we will lose our ability to be fully human; communing with the natural world illuminates Ultimate Reality, and the fundamental essence of who we are as humans. We need the natural world. It is sacred space where we can experience deep peace, love and wonder.

Mindfulness Teacher

I am a long-time mindfulness meditator. I teach mindfulness practices including mindfulness-based stress reduction and interpersonal meditation. I have taught mindfulness, a transformative spiritual practice, to groups in medical facilities, schools, spiritual centers, and to individual clients.


I write and tell personal stories; sharing experiences and insights gleaned in nature and life, in books, worship services, workshops, and story circles. Stories inspire us to believe in new possibilities and explore new ways to be in the world. Telling stories that inspire and support what matters, we can advocate for our chosen life path, and for a healthy wild world so all beings enjoy rich, full lives.


I am an Acceptance & Commitment coach, and Narrative coach. I support you in discerning your preferred personal and sacred stories, articulating your faith, and cultivating spiritual practices to create a life that reflects your values, tapping my experience in coaching, spiritual direction, and religious exploration.